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About Hardy Hounds

Based in Speldhurst, Tunbridge Wells, Hardy Hounds provides a personal and flexible approach to Dog Walking and Doggy Day Care.

Welsh collieI have owned and cared for dogs, horses and many other animals for almost 30 years, so have a lot of experience in making sure they’re properly looked after. My love of dogs originally started when my husband and I opened our home to a bouncy 4-month old, tri-colour Welsh Collie. We named her Poppy (also, sometimes affectionately referred to as Pop, Popsicle and Popsy). She had already had two homes before ours, so you could say she was a rescue dog. Actually, I always say that she rescued us!

Poppy was with us for the next 17 years and transformed our lives! Poppy showed me how loving, loyal, intelligent, generous and fun a dog could be. She was with us as much as possible. Whatever we planned, Poppy was a part of it. She saved me from endless hours working late at the office; I’d look at my watch and say ‘that’ll have to wait; Poppy needs me and I need her too!’ Poppy had so much character and taught me that dogs, just like people, each have their own unique personality that needs to be understood and cherished.

That is why I look for and strive to understand, that individual character in every dog I care for. Which, in turn, means that I can put each dog together with other dogs who they won’t just get along with, but will become friends with and look forward to seeing week after week. The result is that your dog will be happy and contented the whole time they are with me; whether that is an hour-long walk, a day long visit or longer stay. Your dog will feel loved and will be understood. They will be happy to go home, but they will equally be happy to come back to walk, play and stay the next time.


I decided to start Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care at our home in Speldhurst, near Tunbridge Wells when my daughter was very small as she loved animals so much. The whole family took to it straight away and enjoyed caring for the dogs as though they were our own.  A little later on I added a cat and small animal sitting service.

If you would like to discuss any of the pet care services I offer, then please call on 01892 862738 or message me through my contact form.

I offer flexible, bespoke Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care and Small Animal Care to pet owners across the west Tunbridge Wells area including Rusthall, Langton Green, Poundsbridge, Bidborough, Penshurst, Fordcombe, Ashurst, Groombridge, Chiddingstone, Cowden, Blackham and Hartfield.