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Questions You May Have About My Pet Services

Below are some questions that pet owners often have about Hardy Hounds and the services that I provide. If you think of something that isn’t written here, or want to know more about my pet care services, then please contact me on 01892 862738 or submit your question to my contact form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Q) How many walks do you take dogs on?

A) My Day Care dogs are outside as much as possible, as they are usually happier that way.  They will also be taken for two good walks if they are with me for a full day. For a short or half day, they will get one good walk and lots of time for play, exercise and interaction with other dogs in my garden.  Whatever you require for your dog, I will accommodate.  As I only take three dogs at a time for Doggy Day Care, each dog receives lots of attention from me and, during the colder, wetter months in particular, will also spend lots of time in the warmth and comfort of my home.

Q) What areas do you pick up from?

A) Although I live on the outskirts of Speldhurst, I’m more than happy to pick up dogs and visit animals in the area west of the Tunbridge Wells. That includes Langton Green, Rusthall, Fordcombe, Penshurst Groombridge, Ashurst, Blackham, Chiddingstone, Cowden, Hartfield, and the many other villages and hamlets in that general area. However, for Doggy Daycare most owners drop their dog off at my home in the morning and collect in the evening at their convenience. All my arrangements are on an individual basis, so I will always do my best to work around your needs.

Q) Are you able to accommodate different types of dog?

A) I take every kind of dog, from puppies to elders. Any size, age or breed is more than welcome. I only ask that Day Care dogs are house trained and that all dogs are sociable. I am happy to take on anxious or shy dogs and enjoy helping them gain confidence, but will refuse a dog if they’re aggressive towards people or other dogs.

Q) Are dogs transported in cages?

A) Rather than cages, I use dog seatbelts along with a purpose made RAC harness when I transport your dog in my car. This ensures that your dog is happy, comfortable and safe during any car journey and is not a distraction to me when I am driving. If your dog has his or her own sturdy and well fitted harness, that is even better!

Q) When can I drop my dogs off and pick them up?

A) General hours are from 8am to 5pm, but I will always try to accommodate whatever arrangements suit you, whether you need to pick them up later, need a short day or an over-night or even a day or night of care at short notice. All Dog Walking and Doggy Day Care is available during weekdays.

Q) Do you need keys for my dogs?

A) I will definitely need to be given keys for regular dogs I need to collect and for any dogs, cats or small animals I visit to care for in-situ.  I am fully insured for holding house keys and these are always kept in a secure place in my home when I do not need to have them with me for access to your home.  If you have any concerns about this we can always discuss and address them.

Q) How can I pay?

A) As with my pet care services, I am completely flexible and more than happy with whatever works for you. I prefer cash or a cheque for irregular bookings.  However, for my regular Dog Walking or Doggy Day Care clients, a bank-transfer is absolutely fine. We can also arrange weekly, monthly or even termly payment.

Q) What would happen in an emergency?

A) In the unlikely event that something happens, I will contact you immediately to let you know there has been a problem and what action I have taken or intend to take. When taking on your dog I always ask for the details of an emergency contact person, your vet's contact details and also the best number on which to reach you should an emergency arise.  I will always attempt to contact you first. If I feel that your dog needs urgent veterinary attention I will contact your vet. If your vet is unavailable I will contact my own vet, who has cared for my own pets for nearly 20 years. You can rest assured that your pet will be treated in a responsible and appropriate manner according to the issue and I will never worry you unnecessarily.

Q) Are you insured?

A) Yes, I am fully insured for all eventualities and will show you my Certificate of Insurance at our first meeting. I am a member of the Association of INTO Dogs and my husband and I are Affiliate Members of the Kennel Club. If you want to know more about our affiliations and approach to caring for dogs, I will happily discuss this with you at any time.

Q) How much contact will you have with me?

A) Staying in contact with a pet’s owners is something I love to do and which I feel is very important. Whether you are at work, on holiday or just away for a day or two I will keep you informed about anything I feel you should be aware of or simply how your pet has been during his or her time with me. This can be by text, email or a short note left for you at the end of a visit. That way you will know your pet is being well cared for, thriving and happy!